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One basic thing that every human being on the earth for survival needs is Water. Water has become a part of our daily routine and it is said that we should drink Lukewarm water. This makes our body free from diseases and gives immunity to fight against lots of diseases.

But there’s one thing that you would like to note here…

Which is that the water that is present in our houses seem to be unsafe that ultimately leads to your body catch diseases.

This can make a large hole in our pockets.

In general, the water that is found all over the globe is mostly Hard Water. This water contains mineral particles of Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, lead and others.

In addition, the Hard Water can also contain impurities from the sewage, industrial run offs and much more. This depends on the place you reside in.

Although the hard water need not to be classified as impure, but there can be a better water available for you to drink so that your body can be free from lots of diseases.

The process in which you make your body free from the impurities that are present in hard water is called Water Softening. You can also Check These Reviews for more information on water softener reviews and best water softeners 2018.

Five Reasons why you should Use Water Softeners

Now let us have a look at five reasons why water softeners are a good investment for your home.

1.Repair water pipes less often

Lots of times it happens to you that your water pipe gives problems and you are spending your efforts in plumbing repairs and more.

Actually, this is due to the particles like Magnesium and Calcium that are present in hard water. These are responsible for the clogging that is present in your water pipes. This problem of water clogging frequently in your water pipes can be solved by using these water softener systems.

With these water softeners, the hard water containing minerals that harm your pipeline are removed. This leads to a longer life of your pipeline.

2. Cares for your clothes

With Hard water, your clothes like shirts, pants, shorts, bed sheets can get harm as hard water contains substances that might harm the tiny fibers that are present on your cloth.

But if you use soft water then your cloth won’t get damages as they don’t contain tiny fibers that are present on your clothes.

3. You get skin and hair-friendly water

While you are bathing, you need to pick the water in your house very carefully because these beauty products are going to contain particles that can harm your skin and hair. In addition, your skin might get dryness or other harm.

But when you use water softeners, you are going to get a water to bathe that is free from impurities which is soft water.

4. Less maintenance for appliances that use water

In every house, there are several appliances that come in daily use like dishwashers, humidifiers, washing machines and much more.

All of them use hard water foe the daily use. This leads to frequent repairs and maintenance.

This can be solved by using a water softener and using soft water in those appliances.

5. Make your water taste better

Hard water contains minerals and thus the taste is not so good as well as it smells bad.

If you purify your water using water softeners, you will get purified water free from health problems and with a good taste.


It is one of the advertising structures where usually hoarding for the promotions of brands. We can find these types of billboards in any area which is actually gone viral in the way of promotion. Most of the people are also allow the people to keep brand bill boards to promote as a rental mode. This thing helps the owner to receive more money every month based on the advertisements.

Billboards for Commercial Purpose

Across the globe, we can able to see a number of billboards fixed at the top of the building for the better view. Generally, in western countries, billboards are usually installed in the traffic areas which will keep for promotional activities. It also helps to create awareness about the theme among the people. The billboards at the top of the building will earn more money from brand owners to building owners. More than using billboards for promotional activities, maintenance is also considered to be the main stuff.

Pollution makes older

As we all know that during the time of BillBoard installation process, you can see the board is entirely new and attractive. However, as the days are passing you will the billboards getting older or dirty due to the air pollution, sunlight and rain as well. In this case, people go for a replacement with the same design of Billboard. Sometimes, it may cost high for the brand owners to replace for daily advertisements. Instead of replacing the billboard homes, you can easily clean it and bring back to normal.

Cleaning various BillBoard homes

It is essential for the people to know that you can find different types of billboards from painting to LED board. All these billboards required a different kind of treatment in terms of cleaning. Yes, the installation of Billboards is flexible and simple, but the maintenance needs quite patience for workers. Here let’s have a look that how we can easily clean the billboard homes easily.

Easy Tips To Follow

Cleaning lift: According to the structure of a building, electronic billboards will be kept for the public view. This thing will gradually make harder for the workers to clean the billboard homes regularly. However, it is easy for the workers to clean with the help of cleaning lift. You can just easily carry the worker to the top and remove dust with a vacuum cleaner in all the nooks.

Fix Sump pump: If you found the billboards which are printed, then you can easily clean and maintain it. By just rushing the water to billboards, you can clean easily in all the corners of the board. But at the end, you might see the water will just stay around which will bring air pollution as well. Here you go with the best sump pump which helps to get water away from the billboards and make it normal.

These are the main tips that you can utilize to clean billboards and maintain it well for all the time. However, many don’t seem aware of cleaning the billboards hope this stuff will be a guide for them.

Before diving deep into how much does billboard advertising costs, let us now have a look at what are billboards and how are we going to use them. 

Billboards are basically long pieces of advertisements that are placed beside the road side so that the public that keeps passing by that road sees the advertisement and it makes a positive impact on the lives of the people which ends up resulting in sales of that particular product or company.

You need to write attractive pieces of information on the billboards and that too in image format because an image speaks more than a thousand words to the user.

How much does billboard advertising costs in USA?


Well, that’s a very broad question. We are going to find out the answer to the question within a minute.

Actually, the point is that the cost of billboard advertising varies from city to city.

The cost of billboard advertising usually varies from $1500 to $4000 in big cities of USA but for smaller cities and rural areas the billboard costs approx $250.

Apart from that in big cities like New York city the cost that a com[any can incur to advertise on a billboard can go as high as $14000.

Now the question comes whether you should do billboard advertising or not.

The answer is yes. If you are a big company then you can do billboard advertising in a large city so that there can be a positive image in the minds of the people and after that image is created, you can upsell almost anything to them because then you are not new to them.

Ok, now we are going to have a look at what are the primary factors that you need to consider while doing billboard advertising. The factors include:-

  1. Circulation:- The first and the most important factor that you need to consider while buying a billboard space for your company is that you should analyze what is the circulation audience that your billboard is going to reach to. With this, i mean that what is the traffic criteria of the region where the billboard is going to be placed. If that area has good traffic then that place is going to cost you a lot of dollars obviously.
  1.  Demographics:- This is another important factor that you need to consider while buying a billboard space for your company. If you are trying to place your billboard in a posh area then you are going to spend high. The age, gender and one very important factor play a very big role in deciding the cost of a billboard which is the Income Level. If the income level of the people is high then after seeing the billboard they are going to spend high amount as they are having good potential to spend money.
  2. Impressions:- This includes the visibility the speed at which people are passing that particular area where you are willing to place your billboard.

This also plays an important role in using the billboards for advertising the companies.

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Additional Costs To Keep in Mind


Some other additional costs will always be present to advertise your company on billboards which include the designing of a good billboard.

This is one of the most CRUCIAL factors that one needs to spend a huge amount on because if the billboard is less attractive then, it is going to get fewer people’s attention. In return, you are going to get fewer sales which make it a loss to your company.

I will recommend you hire a freelance designer from some freelancing site and outsource the designing part. After that, you can brain storm on the marketing strategies of the billboard.

Hope this has made a clear impact on what are the prices to advertise on billboards in usa and what factors control the pricing of the billboard advertising.

When ever someone asks me what is the best thing that we can do to market ourselves within 5 seconds then my answer goes straight that do billboard and hoarding advertising.

Wondering why?

The reason is that if you place a billboard or hoarding of your company or your business on the streets then that company gets popular among thousands and thousands of people in just a fraction of a second.

As we all know that the hoarding s and billboards are placed beside the road side, that’s why they get almost an instant exposure to tons of people that go from one place to another place

Difference between Hoarding and Billboard Advertising

We can define a billboard as a large advertisement that is placed along the side of a highway.

But the hoarding is a wooden structure which is used to add a security layer and prevent accidents to the public.

Hoarding is a roofed wooden shielded that is used to maintain security.

Which advertising platform are you going to choose – Hoardings or Billboard advertising.

This is very common question that a large number of people face.

There is no doubt that the road side billboards and hoardings get a lot of exposure from the local public that is present beside the billboard.

Already there are tons and tons of people that travel from one place to another and when they see your advertisement, an image is created in their mind which makes them emotional and leads them to buy a product.

This is a great technique of getting famous in the minds of the users and big guns are already using this strategy to make themselves popular. The method is not cost effective but it is one of the best advertising methods that you can employ in traditional advertising.

Generally, big companies favour billboard advertising and smaller companies favour hoarding advertising because they need to take care of the budget too.

Let us now jump towards the advantages and disadvantages of billboard advertising.


Advantages of Billboard Advertising

With the help of billboard advertising, you can market your company in front of thousands of people in just 5 seconds.

This is a great level of outdoor advertising. With the help of billboard advertising, you can create a significant impact on the sub conscious minds of the pedestrians, passengers and drivers.

This method of billboard advertising makes you available t your target customers in a very short period of time.

It is said that a picture speaks 1o00 words. The impact of the picture is far bigger than the impact of text on the minds of the Indian people.

They are a great way to advertise on the outskirts of the city in a big format.

A Strange fact to know…

Billboard advertising has reached over to 93 percent.

let us now have a look at some of the advantages of billboard advertising:-

  1. Because of being such a large advertising material in size they catch the attention of the eyes almost instantly.
  2. They target a large range of market
  3. Easily registered
  4. Through billboards, if a person travels through the same path again and again then it becomes easier for them to create a good image in their minds.
  5. The method of billboards makes branding of the particular company easy and effective.
  6. This can be used to target middle and upper classes.
  7. Through this you can see quick rise in sales, there will be a guaranteed audience and customers will find you effectively.

Disadvantages of using Billboards

Let us now have a look at various disadvantages that billboards have as an outdoor advertising platform:-

  1. They incur high costs for getting more exposure from the public.
  2. They are subject to weather conditions.
  3. There can be a visibility issue as in fog the visibility might be less.
  4. Billboards are not niche specific. They target a wide range of audience as everybody travelling through that place can see the billboards.
  5. You can write a very limited information on the billboards which adds to their disadvantage.

Upside of Using Billboards

Although at first billboards can cost you a big amount to start but, after some time when you will get leads then they will be serving a great purpose to you.

Tere is no doubt that billboards can start from 100k.

Please note that you can buy the billboard advertising space but make sure that the text that is present there  is quite attractive as once the audience sees the particular ad in front of them again and again then it is going to create a positive impression in front of people eyes which is going to benefit in a long term.

In this article you are going to have a look at a highly sophisticated and an innovative idea to get yourself play an important part in the economy of your country.

Not only that but you will be serving lots and lots of people that are homeless. They are going to pray for you for giving them a house so that they can live in that house for free and for longer duration of time.

Usually every homeless people just lives his life in a very normal way as compared to other people on the planet. This is a very common thing that these people do.

But with the idea to make the billboards that are present on the sides of almost every road a house of homeless people, you are going to put a smile on the faces of the people that are living without houses.

There is no doubt to the fact that the lives of the homeless people is going to improved to a considerable extent and we can say a good extent.

Some details about the billboard housing model


Well here i am going to explain details about the billboard housing model. The model is going to consist of two rooms with good living space.

The existence of any model be it real estate or be it billboard model – every model exists on one major thing that is the how much that particular model is stable financially.

Well this model to turn the billboards into the house of certain people is very cheap and anyone with good management skills can easily turn this model and make it a really successful one. 

Although this is a non profit model in terms of finance but the satisfaction that you are going to see on the faces of the people that will live inside the houses will be priceless.

Its very important to note that you can rent the outer side of the billboard for long time period and that’s how you can easily arrange the funds to turn the billboards into a cheap and great housing solution.

How does this billboard housing model improves the lives of the Homeless people?


Well that’s a nice question to answer.

Actually there are certain aspects that you need to consider while turning a billboard into an affordable housing solution for your houses.

First up when you give a house to the home less people then when they start their day and they will see that they have a house at their stake, then the level of confidence and energy that they are going to have is simply great and the whole day of their life is going to be priceless.

This is a real joy for them.

Now there are tons and tons of families on the planet that are living outside of their houses just because they cant afford to have a proper housing solution for them. If you give them houses then this is going to have a high quality positive impact on their lives.

They might feel like getting a good vibration in them which can increase their work productivity, hence improving the lives of the people.

Everyday lots and lots of people get frustrated with their lives and take wrong steps just because of smaller things which includes not having a house. The Project Gregory is going to benefit those people and they are going to get a strong reason for them to live and not only live but start their lives in a tremendous and energetic way.

This was all about the how turning billboards into the houses of the homeless people can improve the quality of their lives.


If somebody asks me how do you define a noble cause, I will happily point out Project Gregory.


They have up with a brilliant idea to give living space to the homeless people by converting billboards to their living space.

A Slovakian firm called Design and develop has come up with a great idea to utilize the billboards so that they can serve as a living space for the homeless people that can’t afford housing solutions.

It seems a very promising model at first sight because they are selling the advertisement space on the outer walls of the billboard which makes them financially confident.

Need of Doing such a great innovative and noble thing

Our Mission to Convert BillBoards to LivingSpace for Homeless People

Well, homelessness is a major issue that is often a declining factor in the national economy.


because whenever some foreign tourists or some other people visit and they see lots of homeless people roaming here and there, then it creates a negative impact on their minds about that particular area and this ultimately results in loss of the business.

Now where there is a problem there is always a solution present to it. You just need to take the initiative and develop the level of courage to find out the solution to the problem.

Homelessness is a big problem and thus it requires coordination of various people in various fields.

The Slovakian firm has come up with a highly innovative, cost effective and a user-friendly solution to the homelessness problem.

Project Gregory is the project that serves this noble cause.

Let us have a look at the working structure of Project Gregory now…

Details of Project Gregory

Our Mission to Convert BillBoards to Living Space for Homeless People

Project Gregory is used for serving alternative housing to the homeless people by doubling the billboards and advertising spaces.

The cost to install, maintain and rent a billboard is usually high. But with the help of project Gregory, you can optimize the billboards so that they can use as living spaces for the homeless people.

In Project Gregory, the planning is done at a nice level. The dimensions of the billboards remain the same but set of steps get added.

The Interior floor plan contains the resulting triangular shape. Although it might sound like there might be less space inside the billboard for the homeless but the condition is quite opposite to what you might expect.

Wondering why?

Let me explain…

The internal structure of the billboard house consists of two rooms- the first one contains an entrance hall, kitchen with small office desk and a raised bed set with a storage space.

Now let is talk about the second room. The second room contains a bathroom, a washbasin, a toilet, a shower corner.

Apart from that the house made up of billboards also contain wooden, steel stairs along with two windows so that it can look like a normal house with proper ventilation.

Now another problem was there which was how can the project be carried out. I mean which city, because it will require resources of the city.

project Gregory is designed for city of Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

Wondering why?

because they have existing energy and water grids which make them suitable for implementing the project.

This project requires a level of study and research before you can apply this anywhere else. But after going through an adequate study and consultation, you can apply the project elsewhere.

After having a design view of this project, now its time to look at the financial side of the project because financial stability is also important for any project.

It is believed that the project Gregory will get funds from firms and investors so that they can give their contribution in construction and help in making billboards the house of some home less people.

Another thing that they could do is rent out a long term advertisement space of the billboard which can cover the costs to make that billboard a housing solution to someone.

One thing that you need to note about Project Gregory is that it is a non profit platform which people can implement without any cost and at zero profile expectations.

This is a great chance for everyone who wants themselves to be the part of the noble cause and give their part in the nation’s welfare by serving a house to the homeless people.

The phenomenon of “homeless” is very widespread in recent decades. Its solution is a complex problem to find the optimal solution requires the coordination of sociological, social psychological as well as administrative experience. The GREGORY project’s priority is to find the optimal alternative to addressing homeless living issues in conjunction with the use of billboard objects with ad slots.


The Project:

Cities are overwhelmed by bilboard advertising, which is expensive to build, operate, and of course, their subsequent rental costs a lot of money. The GREGORY project brings optimization of the bilboard construction so that the interior of the bilboard can be adapted to housing after enlargement. Such an object would then only need minimal running costs, which would in addition be paid by renting an advertising space.

If we calculate the cost of running normal billboard lights and try to optimize it, we can see that the energy saved can fully operate the interior living needs of the house.

bilboard home project

The specific GREGORY study covers the territory of Slovakia, for the city of Banská Bystrica, where the project would be most efficiently realized with respect to the already existing engineering network. However, the bilboard home project can be implemented anywhere but its implementation must be preceded by a quality study including the designation of an adequate place for implementation.

Partner reciprocity is for companies and investors

Partner reciprocity is for companies and investors who will be involved, whether on construction or on long-term lease of the advertising space. They will be given the logo of the project, which they will be able to dispose on their company website or other promotional materials, with a direct link to the whole project. The value of such a logo is the ability to present itself to clients in terms of their social dimensions.

GREGORY is created as an open source project, an open-source code (architects, designers, artists) to create new design and layout alternatives and free to spread it freely.

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