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Should we go for BillBoard Advertising? What does it cost in USA?

Before diving deep into how much does billboard advertising costs, let us now have a look at what are billboards and how are we going to use them.  Billboards are basically long pieces of advertisements that are placed beside the road side so that the public that keeps passing by that road sees the advertisement […]

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Difference in Hoarding and BillBoard Advertisiting. What Companies most choose?

When ever someone asks me what is the best thing that we can do to market ourselves within 5 seconds then my answer goes straight that do billboard and hoarding advertising. Wondering why? The reason is that if you place a billboard or hoarding of your company or your business on the streets then that […]

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Improving lives of Homeless people having Sweet home inside BillBoard

In this article you are going to have a look at a highly sophisticated and an innovative idea to get yourself play an important part in the economy of your country. Not only that but you will be serving lots and lots of people that are homeless. They are going to pray for you for […]

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Our Mission to Convert BillBoards to Living Space for Homeless People

If somebody asks me how do you define a noble cause, I will happily point out Project Gregory. Why? They have up with a brilliant idea to give living space to the homeless people by converting billboards to their living space. A Slovakian firm called Design and develop has come up with a great idea […]