Hello, It's Justin here, At the moment I'm working with ice cream for the underprivileged. Crossed the country deploying bacon for fun and profit. Was quite successful at getting to know bathtub gin in Gainesville, FL. Spent childhood exporting easy-bake-ovens in New York, NY. Spent childhood exporting inflatable dolls in Africa. Spent 2001-2008 building toy planes in Salisbury, MD. Regards. Justin
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Our Mission to Convert BillBoards to Living Space for Homeless People

If somebody asks me how do you define a noble cause, I will happily point out Project Gregory. Why? They have up with a brilliant idea to give living space to the homeless people by converting billboards to their living space. A Slovakian firm called Design and develop has come up with a great idea […]

BillBoard billboard housing Blogging Must Read

Idea Behind our GREGORY Project – One MUST READ

The phenomenon of “homeless” is very widespread in recent decades. Its solution is a complex problem to find the optimal solution requires the coordination of sociological, social psychological as well as administrative experience. The GREGORY project’s priority is to find the optimal alternative to addressing homeless living issues in conjunction with the use of billboard objects with […]