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Difference in Hoarding and BillBoard Advertisiting. What Companies most choose?


When ever someone asks me what is the best thing that we can do to market ourselves within 5 seconds then my answer goes straight that do billboard and hoarding advertising.

Wondering why?

The reason is that if you place a billboard or hoarding of your company or your business on the streets then that company gets popular among thousands and thousands of people in just a fraction of a second.

As we all know that the hoarding s and billboards are placed beside the road side, that’s why they get almost an instant exposure to tons of people that go from one place to another place

Difference between Hoarding and Billboard Advertising

We can define a billboard as a large advertisement that is placed along the side of a highway.

But the hoarding is a wooden structure which is used to add a security layer and prevent accidents to the public.

Hoarding is a roofed wooden shielded that is used to maintain security.

Which advertising platform are you going to choose – Hoardings or Billboard advertising.

This is very common question that a large number of people face.

There is no doubt that the road side billboards and hoardings get a lot of exposure from the local public that is present beside the billboard.

Already there are tons and tons of people that travel from one place to another and when they see your advertisement, an image is created in their mind which makes them emotional and leads them to buy a product.

This is a great technique of getting famous in the minds of the users and big guns are already using this strategy to make themselves popular. The method is not cost effective but it is one of the best advertising methods that you can employ in traditional advertising.

Generally, big companies favour billboard advertising and smaller companies favour hoarding advertising because they need to take care of the budget too.

Let us now jump towards the advantages and disadvantages of billboard advertising.


Advantages of Billboard Advertising

With the help of billboard advertising, you can market your company in front of thousands of people in just 5 seconds.

This is a great level of outdoor advertising. With the help of billboard advertising, you can create a significant impact on the sub conscious minds of the pedestrians, passengers and drivers.

This method of billboard advertising makes you available t your target customers in a very short period of time.

It is said that a picture speaks 1o00 words. The impact of the picture is far bigger than the impact of text on the minds of the Indian people.

They are a great way to advertise on the outskirts of the city in a big format.

A Strange fact to know…

Billboard advertising has reached over to 93 percent.

let us now have a look at some of the advantages of billboard advertising:-

  1. Because of being such a large advertising material in size they catch the attention of the eyes almost instantly.
  2. They target a large range of market
  3. Easily registered
  4. Through billboards, if a person travels through the same path again and again then it becomes easier for them to create a good image in their minds.
  5. The method of billboards makes branding of the particular company easy and effective.
  6. This can be used to target middle and upper classes.
  7. Through this you can see quick rise in sales, there will be a guaranteed audience and customers will find you effectively.

Disadvantages of using Billboards

Let us now have a look at various disadvantages that billboards have as an outdoor advertising platform:-

  1. They incur high costs for getting more exposure from the public.
  2. They are subject to weather conditions.
  3. There can be a visibility issue as in fog the visibility might be less.
  4. Billboards are not niche specific. They target a wide range of audience as everybody travelling through that place can see the billboards.
  5. You can write a very limited information on the billboards which adds to their disadvantage.

Upside of Using Billboards

Although at first billboards can cost you a big amount to start but, after some time when you will get leads then they will be serving a great purpose to you.

Tere is no doubt that billboards can start from 100k.

Please note that you can buy the billboard advertising space but make sure that the text that is present there  is quite attractive as once the audience sees the particular ad in front of them again and again then it is going to create a positive impression in front of people eyes which is going to benefit in a long term.

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