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Idea Behind our GREGORY Project – One MUST READ


The phenomenon of “homeless” is very widespread in recent decades. Its solution is a complex problem to find the optimal solution requires the coordination of sociological, social psychological as well as administrative experience. The GREGORY project’s priority is to find the optimal alternative to addressing homeless living issues in conjunction with the use of billboard objects with ad slots.


The Project:

Cities are overwhelmed by bilboard advertising, which is expensive to build, operate, and of course, their subsequent rental costs a lot of money. The GREGORY project brings optimization of the bilboard construction so that the interior of the bilboard can be adapted to housing after enlargement. Such an object would then only need minimal running costs, which would in addition be paid by renting an advertising space.

If we calculate the cost of running normal billboard lights and try to optimize it, we can see that the energy saved can fully operate the interior living needs of the house.

bilboard home project

The specific GREGORY study covers the territory of Slovakia, for the city of Banská Bystrica, where the project would be most efficiently realized with respect to the already existing engineering network. However, the bilboard home project can be implemented anywhere but its implementation must be preceded by a quality study including the designation of an adequate place for implementation.

Partner reciprocity is for companies and investors

Partner reciprocity is for companies and investors who will be involved, whether on construction or on long-term lease of the advertising space. They will be given the logo of the project, which they will be able to dispose on their company website or other promotional materials, with a direct link to the whole project. The value of such a logo is the ability to present itself to clients in terms of their social dimensions.

GREGORY is created as an open source project, an open-source code (architects, designers, artists) to create new design and layout alternatives and free to spread it freely.

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