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Our Mission to Convert BillBoards to Living Space for Homeless People


If somebody asks me how do you define a noble cause, I will happily point out Project Gregory.


They have up with a brilliant idea to give living space to the homeless people by converting billboards to their living space.

A Slovakian firm called Design and develop has come up with a great idea to utilize the billboards so that they can serve as a living space for the homeless people that can’t afford housing solutions.

It seems a very promising model at first sight because they are selling the advertisement space on the outer walls of the billboard which makes them financially confident.

Need of Doing such a great innovative and noble thing

Our Mission to Convert BillBoards to LivingSpace for Homeless People

Well, homelessness is a major issue that is often a declining factor in the national economy.


because whenever some foreign tourists or some other people visit and they see lots of homeless people roaming here and there, then it creates a negative impact on their minds about that particular area and this ultimately results in loss of the business.

Now where there is a problem there is always a solution present to it. You just need to take the initiative and develop the level of courage to find out the solution to the problem.

Homelessness is a big problem and thus it requires coordination of various people in various fields.

The Slovakian firm has come up with a highly innovative, cost effective and a user-friendly solution to the homelessness problem.

Project Gregory is the project that serves this noble cause.

Let us have a look at the working structure of Project Gregory now…

Details of Project Gregory

Our Mission to Convert BillBoards to Living Space for Homeless People

Project Gregory is used for serving alternative housing to the homeless people by doubling the billboards and advertising spaces.

The cost to install, maintain and rent a billboard is usually high. But with the help of project Gregory, you can optimize the billboards so that they can use as living spaces for the homeless people.

In Project Gregory, the planning is done at a nice level. The dimensions of the billboards remain the same but set of steps get added.

The Interior floor plan contains the resulting triangular shape. Although it might sound like there might be less space inside the billboard for the homeless but the condition is quite opposite to what you might expect.

Wondering why?

Let me explain…

The internal structure of the billboard house consists of two rooms- the first one contains an entrance hall, kitchen with small office desk and a raised bed set with a storage space.

Now let is talk about the second room. The second room contains a bathroom, a washbasin, a toilet, a shower corner.

Apart from that the house made up of billboards also contain wooden, steel stairs along with two windows so that it can look like a normal house with proper ventilation.

Now another problem was there which was how can the project be carried out. I mean which city, because it will require resources of the city.

project Gregory is designed for city of Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

Wondering why?

because they have existing energy and water grids which make them suitable for implementing the project.

This project requires a level of study and research before you can apply this anywhere else. But after going through an adequate study and consultation, you can apply the project elsewhere.

After having a design view of this project, now its time to look at the financial side of the project because financial stability is also important for any project.

It is believed that the project Gregory will get funds from firms and investors so that they can give their contribution in construction and help in making billboards the house of some home less people.

Another thing that they could do is rent out a long term advertisement space of the billboard which can cover the costs to make that billboard a housing solution to someone.

One thing that you need to note about Project Gregory is that it is a non profit platform which people can implement without any cost and at zero profile expectations.

This is a great chance for everyone who wants themselves to be the part of the noble cause and give their part in the nation’s welfare by serving a house to the homeless people.

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